Livia Manolache

: May 9, 2022

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About Me

Modex is a blockchain-based solutions provider. 

Everything we do at Modex is driven by our mission to solve real life problems and respond to real business demands through an ecosystem of high-quality, reliable software solutions built by a highly experienced and motivated team.

  • Productizing. Building relevant software applications on top of our Blockchain Database infrastructure to serve specific industries and use-cases, which can be adapted and customized for customers based on a flexible subscription model.
  • Integrating. Infrastructure designed to grow alongside other software products that can be integrated to bring market value, enabling joint technical efforts to fast-track initiatives and create unique product bundlings, thus expanding into untapped markets.

  • Developing. Providing high technical expertise and business acumen to clients across the entire software development journey. Modex provides support for unique projects from beginning to end, building scalable, future-ready products.

  • Tokenomics. The MODEX utility token represents the governing currency of the Modex ecosystem, and it enables stakeholders to join our Network of Trust and benefit from the innovative products developed using our patented technology.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Single Market
 Intelligent Energy
 Digital Agenda for Europe
 Digital Economy

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