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: Nov 5, 2019

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Based in Ankara, Turkey, ISSD works on intelligent transportation solutions. ISSD provides Automated Number Plate Recognition and Electronic Enforcement Systems, Dynamic Junction Management System and Green-Wave Applications, Traffic Control Center Software with multiple modules, SaaS and Traffic Engineering services.


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 Smart Cities
 Electronics and Microelectronics
 Sustainable Transport
 Clean Transport
 Urban transport
 Smart Mobility

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 Gender Equality
Driving is a complex activity. A hierarchy of skills is required for safe driving like operational (basic motor, sensory or perceptual), cognitive, tactical (choice of speed and distance from the other vehicles), and strategic (planning and preparing for long trips). Operational and sometimes cognitive skills typically decline for a variety of factors like ageing, chronic diseases, medication use, ...
Deadline Sep 8, 2020   - 163 days
 Rural Development
 Aerospace Technology
The transition towards connected and automated mobility, also in a mixed environment with conventional vehicles/vessels requires effective network and traffic management solutions. For instance, bottlenecks across road, rail, air and water can result in system-wide capacity constraints, traffic jams and increased pollutant emissions. As a result, an advanced multi-modal transport system requires c ...
Deadline Sep 8, 2020   - 163 days