Daniel Camargo

: Dec 9, 2019

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About Me

I write on behalf of the production company Elka Filmes, founded in 2010 and based on Rio de Janeiro and Milan. Our job is storytelling in all medias, from entertainment to social and educational issues and, why not, the three of them together. At this moment we have projects in various stages of development, among them I can mention “Holly War”, a feature film with versions in 3D and Virtual Reality which is an entertaining and spine-chilling libel against not only religious but all kind of intolerance; “Touching History”, an innovative accessibility inclusive program for blind, visually impaired and locomotor disables involving 3D printing technologies and "In(clusive)" an inclusive line of products involving prosthetics, fashion and design. We are attentive to all calls that can contemplate these projects.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Social Affaires and Inclusion
 Minority groups
 Education and Training
 Arts Education
 Creative Industries
 Cultural heritage
 Culture and Development
 Film and Media

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