: Oct 25, 2016

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About Me
  • CREATOR EUROPEAN CONSULTANTS is a Romanian company specializing in professional training and EU Funds.


  • We´re providers of adult education and training, approved by the National

      Qualifications Authority, which operates training.


  • Creator European Consultants has specialized staff with a solid professional, experienced and motivated existing achievements and prospects.


  • Creator has experience in Erasmus+ K2 projects and POSDRU Projects (Romanian Program in human resources development)


  •  We generate constructive ideas, preparing appropriate Erasmus + KA2 projects and other EU programs related about training and innovation in the professional development of people.


  • Creator is specialized in developing Intellectual Outputs:  curricula, pedagogical and youth work materials, open educational resources (OER), IT tools, analyses,

studies, peer-learning methods, surveys and reports, inventions,


  •  Creator operates training based on the following  principles:

 Develop personal and professional skills and abilities of students.

 Civic and ethical standards in all actions and behaviors.

 Preparing students for professional practice nationally and internationally.

 Education in the context of leadership, teamwork and efficiency in the decisionmaking process.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Education and Training
 Adult Learning
 Lifelong Learning

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