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: Sep 29, 2020

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About Me

Colectivo MosaiQ is a small and recently created organisation based in Barcelona (Spain) and founded by a team with background and years of expertise in youth work, non-formal education and training, LGBTIQ+ youth development and inclusion, Human Rights Education and European projects coordination and management.

The aims of the organisation are:

  • To carry out activities and actions aimed at promoting values such as freedom, justice and equality, as well as to develop projects that are socially useful and that promote education in human rights.
  • To promote the rights of LGBT+ young people, especially in the right to participate as active citizens and in promoting their well-being and their development, and, to this end, to actively encourage the training of children and young people and their development of skills.

The activities we carry out are focused in the inclusion and free development of LGBTI+ community, and those are:

  • To coordinate and manage national and international exchange and mobility programmes within the framework of the Erasmus + Programme and other European Commission and/or similar programmes.
  • To coordinate and manage local projects and activities in cooperation with the local community and with other local organisations which work for the same goals (NGOs, schools and educational centres, public institutions, .
  • To develop activities at local and international level to promote education, volunteering, interculturality and long-life learning from a non-formal education approach, so as to foster a more inclusive, diverse and conscious society.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Capacity Building
 Social Innovation
 Social Affaires and Inclusion
 Education and Training
 Adult Learning
 Youth Exchanges
 European Voluntary Services
 Lifelong Learning
 Youth Workers

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