Centro Sportivo Italiano - Comitato di Milano

: Mar 10, 2020

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Centro Sportivo Italiano is a Sports Promoter and non-profit association founded by volunteers, which promotes sports as an opportunity for education, growth, commitment and social aggregation, at the service of people and the community. Among the oldest sport associations in Italy, CSI tackles sport non only as a physical activity but as an important resource at cultural, social and human ;

Educating through sport is the mission of the CSI: in this framework, young generations are at the core, even if CSI’s sports activities are aimed at all age groups. CSI considers sport as a tool for preventing certain social problems such as loneliness, fears, doubts, deviant behaviors.

Established in 1946, the CSI Milan Committee has 86,867 members and 607 affiliated sport clubs; it is the largest Committee in Italy. It operates in all neighborhoods of the City of Milan and in all municipalities in the Province of Milan.

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