Assoc.Prof.Dr. Serap AYDIN

: Jan 12, 2019

Looking for Partnership
About Me

I have been a scientist/researcher  in computational neuroscience since 1994. I 'm faculty member at Biophysics Department of Medical Faculty in Hacettepe University.

I have studied on brain biophysics. I have developed biomedical signal processing tools and smart classifiers in Medicine and Fine Art.

The keywords that summarize my syudies are mostly brain biophysics, musicology, neurofeedback, memory, deep learning, data mining, digital health, emotion/face/personality recognition, auditory/visual/cognitive stimuli, neurophysiology, sleep, futuristic innovation.

I would like to participate international EU projects.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Creative Europe
 European Union
 Project Management
 Partnership Management
 Project Planning

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