Antonis Karatzias

: May 31, 2016

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About Me

An Alliance of companies in the fields of :
- Media, traditional and new,
- Conferences and awards company,
- Job Finding platform and Services
- Software Development and AI
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We are in business for the laste 45 years and in EU Funded Projects since 2005 with succes projects under Erasmus +, Horizon, AMIF, etc

Currently running projects on Life+ (Foodprint), Cohesion Policy, Common Agriculture Policy, European Parliament, Erasmus + (Mi-care) Horizon 2020 (CAP) ;

Generally interested in Erasmus+, Creative Media, Justice, Life+, etc

Usually play roles in Coordination, Disseminations and Exploitation.

Extended network of partners includes  Univercities, Media Organisations, NGOs, SMEs  and everyone in Cyprus.
Antonis Karatzias


Keywords and matching areas:

 Marine and Coast
 Start Up
 Capacity Building
 Human Resources
 Social Innovation
 Gender Equality
 Film and Media
 Transnational cooperation
 Business Development

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