Andrianna Georgiou

: Aug 25, 2021

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Andrianna Georgiou is a Master of Architecture graduate from the United Kingdom. Her passion for mixed used media in collaboration with her creative background, have led to a wide range of work experience, including administration and technical support for projects on a global scale, coordination of complex architectural projects, as well as management of digital marketing on various platforms. An organization-oriented individual, Andrianna enjoys working in a varied and challenging environment, able to take on and break up large projects into easily manageable parts. She believes that technological education can offer limitless potential to persons of all ages and backgrounds, and can be a resource for personal as well as professional advancement. Andrianna is a Project Manager and is responsible for the implementation and management of various EU research projects in the VET and Adult Sectors. Her creative background has supported her in the development of various design oriented products and tools. Andrianna has an active role in the promotion and visibility of the organization through various channels, as well as the expansion of its network.

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 Energy Efficiency
 Construction Technology
 Adult Learning
 Higher Education
 Lifelong Learning
 Cultural heritage
 International Project Management

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