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: Dec 3, 2018

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ABD Welfare and Development Association is an NGO created in the 80s and
declared to be of public interest. We develop projects and work on services and
programs which try to give an answer to vulnerable situations, which can lead to
social exclusion.

Our mission is to manage and coordinate processes focused on people’s empowerment while enhancing their autonomy. We give support to people throughout their lives, preventing them from socially vulnerable situations, assisting their needs, getting society involved and promoting a socially cohesive society.

Our Vision: We belong to the Third Sector and the social economy: we work looking for the maximum efficiency because we seek to produce the greatest impact.

ABD is structured in four main intervention’s areas: Drugs Addiction area; Poverty and Inclusion area; Childhood and family area and Socio-health area. All the programs we develop address the following processes that create situations of vulnerability or social exclusion: situations like drug addiction and associated diseases, migration processes, violence within the family, early motherhood, ageing, disability, mental health care or lack of basic goods such as housing and employment.

In relation with migrant’s inclusion ABD manages through public procurement  the Reception point of the Barcelona City Council named “SAIER”, with the mission of informing and derive the newcomers that seek for counseling and support in our city, and attending more than immigrants, asylum-seekers and refugees. Simultaneously, ABD manages through public procurement the Barcelona City Council service of intercultural translation and mediation, a community action service that addresses and prevents conflicts through mediation between neighbors in the city of Barcelona.

At a European level, ABD in the last years has implemented an internationalization strategy that has resulted in the leadership of an Erasmus + KA2 project (2016-MythWORK), and being part of the Consortium of an AMIF project (2018-Food Relations), a Justice project (2017-Solidify), an ESF Agency project (2018- Social Economy for Care) and the Erasmus+ KA2 (2017-Tech-Ability).

The impact of ABD is due to the work of an interdisciplinary team of 2,000 professionals and more than 400 people involved in voluntary work. Together with citizens, public institutions and other organizations ABD actively participates in more than 55 platforms at a local, national and European level, promoted by Third Sector organizations leaders or public administration.

Calls we follow: Erasmus+, Horizon2020, AMIF, INTERREG, Europe for Citizens

Keywords and matching areas:

 Social Affaires and Inclusion
 Disadvantaged People
 Energy Efficiency
 Gender Equality
 Aid to Refugees
 Education and Training
 Adult Learning
 Youth Workers
 Arts Education
 Migrants and Refugees

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