: Apr 6, 2019

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Univerlab is an analytical laboratory providing comprehensive laboratory services to assist companies in research, innovation and analytical testing.

Univerlab has the experience and skills to perform analytical development work in three main areas:

1) Chemical Analysis: Our experienced staff samples and analyzes samples of various matrices (food, water, air, soil). Analytical laboratory techniques applied: HPLC-UV/RI, GC-MS, ICP-AES, Ion-exchange chromatography.

2) Microbiological analysis: We offer microbiological and biological testing for a large number of matrices (food, water, work environments, surfaces). Analytical laboratory techniques applied: Microscopy and PCR.

3) Bioremediation services: The laboratory performs fermentation on a laboratory and pilot scale (evaluation in microcosm of the efficiency of bioremediation techniques) and it has pilot scale bioreactors for the scale-up of biotechnological processes.

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