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: Nov 14, 2019

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The “Società Sportiva Federcaribe” aims to promote and encourage the spread of dance, with particular attention to Caribbean dances, favoring its development in all its forms, from a social, amateur, cultural, educational and therapeutic point of view; with this objective, the Federcaribe promotes, organizes and develops training plans aimed at acquiring more and more skills to athletes, amateur dancers and to enable new dance and sport dance teachers, organizing courses, stages, exam sessions, conferences, congresses and educational activities in general; the Federcaribe plans and organizes competitions and championships in accordance with its Technical Regulations; since 2015, the The Federcaribe has promoted intercultural exchange with foreign athletes, works with people with disabilities, with migratory background and with less opportunity, organizing courses, classes and competitions, with the aim of stimulating the inclusion, the artistic and personal growth.

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 Social Affaires and Inclusion
 International Cooperation
 Education and Training
 Youth Workers
 Creative Europe
 Migrants and Refugees

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