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: Nov 17, 2018

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The Regional Council of Vlora is an administrative territorial unit with municipalities of similar geographic, traditional, economic and social interest and similar links. The district representative body is the County Council consisting of councilors of the municipal councils of the seven constituent communes of Vlora region: Vlora, Himara, Selenica, Saranda, Finiq, Delvina, Konispol. The Vlora Region Council plays an important role in coordinating local development territories. The center of the Vlora Region Council is the city of Vlora. The Vlora Region Council is one of the 12 counties in Albania.

The county is largely mountainous and hilly and possesses valleys and pastures that enable the population to create livelihoods through agricultural and coastal production. The coastal area of ​​Vlora region is one of the most beautiful and richest areas and with a rugged diversity of shapes that has directly affected the climate and the types of tourism development. Vlora Region is ranked as one of the areas with the highest tourism potential in the country, directly related to the sea-going, most natural assets, climate, water, archaeological, cultural, historical and human resources resources.

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