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: Jun 15, 2017

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The Committee was founded by the Literature Nobel Prize 1997 Dario Fo to help disadvantaged people, mostly disabled people. In line with the main statutory end, the Committee is pursuing a constant search for ideas and solutions useful for improving the daily well-being and lifestyle of disadvantaged people, enhancing each competences and overcoming prejudices and stigmatizing behaviours.

In particular, the Committee aims:

A) to improve the physical, mental, economic, social or family conditions of persons with disabilities and their families or people in any state of social disadvantage;

B) to support the medical field through financing of care to improve physical health;

C) to support the daily well-being and lifestyle of people with disabilities or persons in any state of social disadvantage, with adequate personal and equipment provided free of charge;

D) assisting people with disabilities or social disadvantages in vocational training and promoting their social integration through the use of computer technology;

E) to help the mobility of people with disabilities through both individual and collective means offered to non-profit organizations or groups of people with disabilities.

Actually the Committee is lead applicant of the KA2 Erasmus+ project TELL ME aimed to create a methodology for the use of Theatre in migrants’ literacy: tellmeproject com.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Disadvantaged People
 Education and Training
 Cultural Management

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