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: Dec 3, 2018

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Climate Alliance Italy onlus is a non-profit association that coordinates in Italy the European Climate Alliance / Klima-Bündnis / Alianza del Clima network .The central activity of Climate Alliance Italy is the promotion of climate protection (in terms of mitigation actions and adaptation to the inevitable consequences of climate change) between administrations local and territorial in order to make it into the ordinary management of the policies of the institutions for a sustainable integrated local development which is flanked by the training and information of the general public. Climate Alliance Italy promotes in Italy the objectives and commitments of the European network that the members assume as voluntary commitments and carries out information and dissemination activities addressed to a wider public. Climate Alliance Italy has also been a supporter of the Covenant of Mayors since 2009 and of the 2016 Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy and, since 2014, manages the helpdesk and is the Focal point for Italy of the Covenant of Mayors. Climate Alliance Italy is currently partner of three European projects: 'SUPPORT' Interreg Europe program and 'ENERJ' Interreg MED program both with a focus on energy efficiency in public buildings and 'Change the power - (em) power to change: Local Authorities towards the SDGs and Climate Justice,  Europe Aid program, whose general objective is to strengthen the role Local Authorities in implementing the SDGs and improving critical perception and change of behavior.

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 Low-Carbon Economy
 Energy Efficiency
 Waste Management
 Environmental protection
 Development and Cooperation
 Smart Cities
 Smart Mobility

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