: Apr 11, 2017

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CCIF Cyprus is a youth NGO established in 2016 by a group of young professionals, trainers and youth workers to work as volunteers for fostering inclusive, peaceful and just local societies free from hate, fear and violence. CCIF Cyprus is active in the field of intercultural integration, promoting and realizing cultural events, trainings and informative seminars for youth.

Our MISSION is to support social inclusion of all citizens especially youth including those with fewer opportunities, marginalized and immigrants through youth exchanges, networking, transnational youth initiatives and cultural dialogues.

Our VISION is to empower youth irrespective of gender, social, cultural, or educational background for active citizenship, volunteering, tolerance, respect, mutual understanding, sustainable growth and life development.

Our PURPOSE is to equip youth from local and surrounding communities with artistic, digital, life and employability skills to access todays labor market and increase their chances of progressing into the world of work. CCIF Cyprus works with CCIF Malta and CCIF Zimbabwe to support integration through education for immigrants, third country nationals and to enhance international understanding and friendship. We build cultural harmony and well-being through educational, cultural and artistic expressions for solidarity and social cohesion. Our work gives access for education and culture which are human rights and ensure that are in place for all citizens and especially youth. Through our workshops young adults can learn computer, English, handcraft, how to deal with our digital world of today and gain a second chance in education. They are offered the opportunity to be part of a European networking, enhance their skills, extend their working lives and improve their competences for a better job. We work with retired people supporting them to act as Mentors to youth and gain digital literacy.

Our experience is based on education management and adult education. We have several projects dealing with non-formal/informal learning and competence development that provide opportunities to adults for implementing their job ideas and talents in the entrepreneurial sector. We are active in the field of education and cross cultural communication among communities and nations for providing: - integration solutions for educators and youth workers working with immigrants and youth with fewer opportunities in life - courses of fast learning of greek to immigrant mothers and their children - inter cultural dialogue for mutual understanding, tolerance and respect - ideas for sustainable Ecosystem - sport activities for inclusion and fair play for fair competition, respect, friendship, team spirit, equality, sport without doping - audience development for making the cultural sector sustainable and increase the well-being of new audiences - active citizenship and volunteering - empowerment of youth for growth and sustainable life development - humanitarian aid - spearheading interventions tailored to fight xenophobia and support the integration of migrants in Cyprus.

Our support services develop and improve the quality of life meeting the needs of our communities through voluntary activities. The volunteer members of CCIF Cyprus hold a source of knowledge and advice on the importance of social cohesion and change management.

While CCIF Cyprus is not a partisan or political institution it supports values and goals of the European Union that focus to offer equal opportunities to all people irrespective of color, gender, social orientation and religious or cultural background. We provide to youth workers the opportunity to improve their skills and the quality of the work they carry out for and with youth.

We aim to engage and positively influence youth through our educational based programs to equip them with digital, entrepreneurial skills and empower them to be responsible active citizens. Most of them are unemployed or have fewer opportunities. We hold meetings with young people from our community and surrounding areas to help in their emotional and social development in an informal setting but through educational processes. We develop supportive relationships for sustainable new experiences to foster increased confidence, ambition and empathy. This prepares them to make a positive contribution to society in adult life. Our experts’ plan supports the empowerment of citizens in terms of self-development, spiritual connectess, physical training, social engagement and future professional reinforcement. CCIF Cyprus is concerned with generation development and dissemination of knowledge. CCIF Cyprus is run by 10 active volunteers, trainers, youth workers and 21 active members youth and seniors.

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