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: Dec 21, 2017

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Open Gate is an association of citizens which promotes human rights and represents the interests and needs of people who are at risk or have suffered violence and human trafficking through prevention, social support and advocacy at a national and European level through membership in La Strada International –European network against trafficking.

We provide protection, capacity building and integration of trafficked persons and other vulnerable groups in civil society.

Open Gate is a leading organization in the Republic of Macedonia, renowned for its commitment, persistence and professionalism, as well as its focus on the needs and interests of people vulnerable to violence and trafficking in human beings. The main goal of Open Gate is to invest all their effort and capacity in creating a society freed from inequality, poverty, prejudice and discrimination, violence and trafficking in humans, and to build a place where people’s rights are widely respected and all citizens are given equal opportunities for socio-economic independence.

  • Open Gate is the only organization which provides a multipart program for assistance, support, protection and accommodation for victims of  human trafficking;
  • Open Gate advocates for trafficked persons and takes active part in the creation of national policies, being member of government bodies such as the National Commission for Combating Human Trafficking and Illegal Migration and the Subgroup for combating Trafficking in Children;
  • Open Gate organizes preventive and educational activities for high-risk population at schools and other public institutions, raising people’s awareness, knowledge and skills.
  • Open Gate trains professionals from the law enforcement, the media, the education system, anyone who might contribute in assisting a trafficked person.
  • Open Gate manages the only toll free SOS help in the country, designed to offer information, prevention and intervention in cases of trafficking in human beings.
  • Open Gate has extended prevention on national level by creating VIGILANCE a national network of nongovernment organizations in the prevention of human trafficking in Macedonia.

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 Human Rights

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