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 Project Management

: Apr 12, 2017

About Me

With 18 years of experience in the field of civil society capacity building and strengthening, project management of numerous projects with various donors, policy and programme advocacy, training and educational development, leadership development with strong personnel management expertise and with properly engage with diverse populations and stakeholders, from basic local community level up to decision-making governmental level, in accomplish of the project objectives on the different actions and tasks at the local, national and regional level, I believe I have required qualifications, skills, manners, behaviour, strengths, knowledge, wills, competences and commitments to answer to all challenges that are needed for the project manager and various consultant ;   

Being a Member of a Council of the Municipality, I understand in depth the needs in the local community, being a personal Adviser to the Mayors of two municipalities, I understand the management of the local community and different ways of solving the problems at the local self-government, being Team Leader for education under establishing national system in all courts in the country (Automated Courts Case Management Information System-ACCMIS) and some EU funded national projects, I understand the management of the complex reform projects and initiatives that are crucial for developing one country, and being President, National Manager and member of the Executive Boards of some NGOs, I understand the ways of managing different civil society initiatives from the basic roots level up to lobbying, advocacy, coordination and management at local, national, regional and European level of acting.

Fields of Expertise:

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Start Up
 Education and Training
 Horizon Europe
 Project Development
 Business Management
 International Project Management

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