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: Dec 18, 2019

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About Me

AHE is an Albanian NGO dedicated to actively encourage information, training, education, dissemination, data collection and research, on all matters related to the Organization and its purposes and in cooperation with other NGOs, mainly in the field of education, heritage,social inclusion and law.

All of our staff is specialized in projects dedicated to gender equality, programs for young people, scientific activities, etc. They are experts in writing and implementing local and international projects and activities using English as our everyday working language.

The organization has experience and has accomplished a considerable number of projects. Our projects in progress are:

Restorative Actions For Transformation at Institute of Minors in Kavaja” (RAFT-IMK), financed byTerre des hommes Albania, in the framework of Civil society in action to build restorative approaches and  practices for children & youth in conflict or contact with the law, Guidelines for the Sub-Grants Scheme (SGS), EuropeAid/155956/DD/ACT/AL. RAFT is focused on the implementation of the restorative approach on transforming the attitudes of minors who have committed or are accused of committing criminal offenses or delinquent acts, and as a result stay at Institute of Minors in Kavaja.

“Move to vote”, financed by LëvizAlbania and Swees Agency for Development and Cooperation from September 2018- April 2019. The main focus of the project was to highlight to high school students and university ones (who were first time or young voters) the importance of voting process, how to understand the process, how to understand the program of a political party etc.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Capacity Building
 Social Affaires and Inclusion
 Gender Equality
 Minority groups
 Education and Training
 Lifelong Learning
 Arts Education
 Cultural heritage

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