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: Oct 31, 2017

About Me

AUGENTES Srl. is a European and international consultancy company based in Milan, specialized in European-Project Management, with a focus on innovative consulting, strategic innovation and professional training.

In the many European and international projects carried out by Augentes, high-level expertise has been consolidated in the various fields by creating best practices and guidelines implemented successfully in the countries concerned, with a favourable impact at community and international level.

Our network includes partner companies in the EU and in third countries. Augentes partners in international projects are institutions of international level: universities, research centres, technical and vocational schools, SMEs, NGOs, industries and hospitals, governments and ministries, multinational corporations and supranational institutions.

Augentes' activities range from the idea to the elaboration and the final realization of the project, with particular attention to quality control. Augentes is entrusted, by specific competence, to each phase of the project/activity depending on the applications and skills required in the different areas. The experience of a team of professionals and a carefully selected database enables you to reach remarkable results.

Within the framework of the European-project management (H2020, MED, ENI CBC MED, FSE, FESAR, FEAMP, etc.), Augentes' main competence are dissemination and communication, combining traditional methods (posters, roll-ups, brochures, leaflets) to technological and innovative means, e-learning/interactive platform, including gamification and simulation, as well as active training and involvement of civil society through workshops and living labs.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Low-Carbon Economy
 Energy Efficiency
 Education and Training
 Cultural heritage
 Project Management

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