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: May 30, 2018

About Me

SME adressed to research and development. Interested in being partner in european or mediterranean consortia.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Rural Development
 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Natural Resources
 Development and Cooperation
 Human Sciences
 Euro-Mediterranean Relations

Ideas in Progress
No ideas yet!
Favourite Calls

 Fisheries and Food
 Rural Development
 Young Farmers
 Social Innovation
 Sustainable Development
 Gender Equality
 Regional Policy
 Aerospace Technology
 Climate Sciences
Specific Challenge:The design of modern rural policies requires capturing and anticipating the long-term trends affecting European rural areas. The EU has already invested in rural research on a variety of issues, although the impact on policies has been insufficient due to the diversity of rural areas, the complexity of the problems at stake and the multiplicity of policy makers involved. The int ...
Deadline Sep 4, 2019   - 163 days