Leonid Melezhyk

: Jul 8, 2024

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About Me

I am working on the Fast grow Energy Forest(FgEF) project. This is a project related to Renewable, Clean Energy. We grow energy plants (fast-growing trees) that produce 3-5 times more biomass than usual. As a result, these forests absorb a large amount of carbon dioxide from 30 to 100 tons per hectare, and are the source of the creation of Green Carbon Certificates. Or they are cut into biomass. The peculiarity of FgEF is that after cutting, they resume their growth. Biomass (chip) is used as an environmentally friendly substitute for coal at Power Stations and Boiler Plants. I am interested in the industrial development of this project. Here is our site. business is Renewal Energy! We are interested in establishing partnerships with:

• research institutions that have experience in developing new types of energy culture;

• Companies specializing in mass production and processing of energy crops;

• Companies - Owners of power plants and large coal-fired boilers;

• Financial institutions are interested in investing in a large-scale biomass energy production project.


Here is my article on renewable energy, please read it and give me feedback if you found it interesting!? Does it have important information for your further development?!


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 Low-Carbon Technology
 Energy Efficiency

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