Miguel Galaz

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 European Union

: Nov 9, 2020

About Me

In alchemy the materia prima prime matter was the essential element needed to undertake the magnum opus, the great work of creating the Philosopher's Stone. This legendary substance could transform metals like lead or mercury into the finest gold and silver, not to mention that it also held the secrets for achieving immortality through the elixir of life.

The Philosopher's Stone has since then become a symbol of enlightenment, of perfection at its finest. Myths and legends are powerful motivators, and we aim to inspire and we aspire to do great.

Prime Matter Consulting, through its experienced and dedicated team of professionals will work to transform your challenges into opportunities, your handicaps into advantages, creating innovative and visionary outputs, bringing your organisation to new frontiers.

Fields of Expertise:

 Renewable Energy
 Health Care
 Waste Management
 Higher Education
 Business Management

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