: Aug 3, 2018

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RUTIS (Association of Third Age Universities Network) is a private institution of social solidarity and of public utility to support the community and the seniors, nationally and internationally. The headquarters are located in Almeirim, since it was established in ;

RUTIS has more than 320 members (Third Age Universities) which correspondes to more than 45000 senior students and 5000 volunteer teachers.

The social importance of RUTIS and the senior universities was oficially recognized by the Council resolution of Ministers no76/2016 of 29 November ;

The main objectives of RUTIS are the promotion of active ageing and the support of senior universities. RUTIS is a member of several national and international networks and is the only national institution with a signed agreement with the Goverment for the promotion of active ageing. Our vision is to create new life projects for mission is to promote active ageing, defend, support and represent the third age universities and encourage social participation amongst the older ;

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