Pedro Amaro Santos

: Mar 18, 2024

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About Me

He is deputy director of the Instituto Padre António Vieira, an NGDO with the mission of promoting and restoring human dignity, through the promotion of collaborative culture and the promotion of “unity in diversity”. Among IPAV's various social entrepreneurship projects, he coordinated the Ubuntu United Nations program, a training program for young leaders from 190 countries, inspired by the Ubuntu philosophy.

Between 2016 and 2017, he was a humanitarian volunteer in Greece, working on education, empowerment and inclusion of refugees.

Since 2019, Pedro Amaro Santos has been Co-founder and CEO of MEERU | Abrir Caminho, an NGDO that promotes the feeling of belonging and inclusion of migrant and refugee families, through the creation of relationships based on trust, friendship and affection.

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 Migrants and Refugees

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