Maria Raimundo

: May 28, 2021

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I have been specializing in data-driven healthcare and innovative digital health solutions throughout my professional and academic career for digital transformation in healthcare. I believe these are key factors in the implementation of personalized and precision medicine, aiming for more patient-centered, participatory, and preventive healthcare. I work within health, behavioral adoption, technology innovation, management, and strategy to address the existing communication gap between scientists, healthcare professionals, business managers, and patients. As a Senior Account Manager at Beta-i, I'm responsible to design innovation projects, by approaching corporates, healthcare providers and public entities interested to innovate fast and at low risk. We connect these interested parties with startups and other innovative solutions, through open and collaborative innovation.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Food Safety
 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Start Up
 Health Care
 Digital Agenda for Europe
 Mental health

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