: Mar 10, 2020

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MACEF is a scientific multi-disciplinary non-for profit association, providing intellectual, technical and project management support services in the energy and environmental fields nationally and worldwide. The Macedonian Center for Energy Efficiency - mission is to increase the Energy Efficiency (EE) and Environmental Protection at national level by capacity building, identifying and implementing EE measures in the cooperation with governmental institutions, local self-government units, engineers, donor organization and ecologists. Have no intellectual or financial ties to vendors, manufacturers and contractors, or to any other third parties SERVICES MACEF’s mandate incorporates broad spectrum of services, such as:  Promotion and implementation of EE measures to reduce the energy budget and protect environment;  Energy Audits and Recommendation for EE reconstruction;  Preparation of strategical documents and services for preparation of secondary legislation  Introduction of EE measures and new technologies in the industry;  Advisory and expert counseling for energy and drinking water efficient management;  Development of Municipality Action Plans for EE;  Development of energy sector related legislation including rulebooks; 2  Participation in National Energy Policy Designs;  HVAC engineering designs;  Public buildings’ heating and ventilation systems renovation thru applying modern EE methods;  Energy Education and training for various target groups;  Regional and international new technologies and best practices exchange;  Measurements and preparation of EIA and IPPC licenses( A & B);  Recycling and usage of municipal waste as an energy source;and,  Policy analysis and recommendations for energy resources management and development.

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 Social Innovation
 Energy Efficiency
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