LETAL - Laboratory of Technological Assays in Clean Rooms

: May 4, 2018

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The Laboratory of Technological Assays in Clean Rooms (LETAL) is a multidisciplinary laboratory that features facilities in a cascade controlled areas (from ISO 7 to ISO 5) for microbiological and chemical analysis of the effects of ionizing radiation in/on products. It includes areas for conventional microbiology (ISO 6) and molecular biology (ISO 7) studies, a negative pressure room (ISO 5) dedicated to protecting the operator and the environment ( environmental virology) and a positive room (ISO 5) that protects the product to be manipulated ( sterility assays, electronic components). The Laboratory was built to allow researchers of National and International Institutions and Industries to develop radiation technologies and/or to suppress the need of environmental control areas (clean areas) for their work.

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 Food Safety
 Sustainable Development
 Environmental protection
 Biological Sciences
 Youth Workers

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