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: Jan 22, 2020

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KRAFTKONEKT-DUBICA, Association for Ecology, Education, Entrepreneurship, Sport and Culture, is situated in Brazda -Cucer Sandevo,

KRAFTKONEKT-DUBICA is a nongovernmental association formed in 2019 on the basis of four-year research and pilot project activities in the field of youth, including youth with disabilities. Namely, before we establish ourselves as an NGO, we used to organize ourselves and implement these activities for four years on behalf of the Art and Craft Shop “KRAFT-ART” from Skopje. We provided a number of training sessions in entrepreneurship and skills development for youth and youth with disabilities, with special emphasis on hand and machine knitting. So although young as an association, we have more than four years of experience working with youth and youth with disabilities. We have certified program and certified trainers for training in different crafts such as knitting (both hand-knitting and machine-knitting), wood-carving, stained-glass and other. We also have a certified program for ‘Assistant for early intervention and prevention’ for youth with disability, issued by relevant state body.


Our organization is specifically dedicated to education, mobility, sports, culture, ecology, entrepreneurship, craft and art, and other areas dedicated to youth, including skills development and informal education, volunteering activities, socialization, culture, crafts (with special emphasis on old and forgotten local craft techniques), ecology, rural tuirizam, sports and other topics of social interest. Our Association believes that the youth deserves all benefits of the cultural and economic development that the cosiety can offer at this stage, and that they should be involved to the whole extend possible in shaping and improving all major aspects of social living. We actively engage young people in our activities and we dedicate our activities to ;

Our organization is situated in rural environment and we are also working with young people that come from rural environment and tend to represent people with less economic possibilities.

In our work we also pay special attention to engage youth with stand that the right to inclusion is one of the fundamental human rights and therefore we seeks to eradicate amongst the youth, and wider, all forms of discrimination and stigmatization on the basis of various types of disabilities and marginalization. KRAFTKONEKT-DUBICA strives to improve and promote better standards of living through the assistance and support of persons with disabilities, marginalized groups and their families. We are mainly focused on involving youth with dissabilities in all activities we undertake, from informal education to skills development, volunteering and research activities. We also strive  to further raise public awareness and increase corporate responsibility about youth, including youth with dissabilities and marginalized youth.


KRAFTKONEKT-DUBICA also invests in rural environments where we engage in raising awareness amongst mature population about the role of woman and woman’s involvement in all aspects of socio-economic living.  We educate local population about the potential for development of rural tourism, agriculture and rural entrepreneurship. This is especially important taking into consideration the current situation with increased emigration of the young working population from the rural areas.


Our Association so far has established good working relations with local mnicipalities, other NGOs, as well as primary and secundary schools, including schools for youth with dissabilities. We aim at helping the educational improvement in all segments since we believe that education is the base for better society.


Our goals in short are as follows:

- Support and empower youth, including youth with disabilities and marginalized youth, in all spheres of social life;
- Advocate for the rights of youth, including youth with disabilities and marginalized youth and raise public awareness;

- Engage youth in volunteering activities and raise awareness for the importance and benefits of volunteering;

- Assist youth’s participation in European educational programs and mobility;

- Support population in rural environments, with special emphasis on women involvement in social life and economic development;

- Support and raise awareness for rural tourism, agriculture and rural entrepreneurship;   

- Develop and implement activities in coordination with our target groups including: improving formal and informal education and skills development, craft workshops with special emphasis on old and forgotten local craft techniques, craft workshops that can improve physical and mental state (mindfulness and concentration, fine motor skills, develop creativity, develop patience and endurance, improve memory, improve social communication) of youth with disabilities with special emphasis on knitting and crocheting, education and awareness raising about rural tourism, rural entrepreneurship and active role of women in rural areas, sports, ecology and culture;
- Maintain working groups for exchange of experiences and best practices;
- Partnership with regional and international affiliated associations and organizations;
- Personal development and promotion.

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