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: Jul 15, 2020

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About Me

Who we are

Key & Key Communications (, president Koffi M. Dossou, vice-president Gabriella B. Klein) is a cultural and scientific non-profit Association, which operates in the vast field of the various types of communication, organizing continuous training activities within the Association, cultural events, conferences, offering their collaboration to associations, NGOs and organizations for project writing, research and training activities.

Our activity and mission

Conceived by Koffi M. Dossou, the Key & Key Communications Association was founded in 1994 with the main objective of promoting the knowledge, development, training and practice of semiotic sciences, communication sciences and computer science, so as to allow personal and professional development among members and in society. KEY&KEY is committed to combating all forms of discrimination, racism, xenophobia for better social cohesion and mutual integration that is intercultural with particular attention to the migration context and gender issues.

On these topics, which all revolve around intercultural communication issues, KEY&KEY has experience since 2005 in the following activities:

  • participation in European, national and local projects (some of which have received awards and other acknowledgments)
  • coordination of European, national and local projects
  • organization and conduct of international adult training workshops
  • organization and moderation of conferences, exhibitions, international meetings.

Projects in progress

Exploitation through adult training courses of previous projects RADAR and BRIDGE-IT 

Current project implementation: MUSAE 

For details see KEY&KEY's website

Calls we're following

Any call regarding antidiscrimination and intercultural communication

Our cooperation activity

KEY&KEY is member of  UMBRIAMICO, a network of organisations in the Umbria region of Italy

Keywords and matching areas:

 Human Sciences
 Migrants and Refugees

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