Jane Trpkovski

: Nov 12, 2017

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About Me
  • SPSS Expertise.
  • Quant. Inv. Methodology

    2014 (S-ES), 300 ETCS, 10,00 A [Thesis in Domenna of Stratification of the Population, Gini Ratio, and the SES Transformation].


  • Mayor Dipl. Supl. in Analytical Sociology, 240 ETCS, 9,51 A [Thesis in Domenna of the Global Politics, Diplomacy and the National States].

  • Minor Academic Cert in Methodical Teaching of Sociology, 4 ETCS, 10 A 

2015 (on going) an Author, Project Ass and Cert. in: 

Journalism and Content Analysis, 

Collective Security and Crisis Management, 

Political Communication and Public Opinion via: 


Foundation Jarl Hjalmarson Sweden, 

Institute Robert Schuman Austria, 

YEF Kosova,



2016 European Commission Cert. in First Aid (Erasmus + Exchange). 


  • MICEI Int. Prof. Shooting, 

  • NATO Youth Club

    An Author and Project Part. of >5 sci papers.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Social Affaires and Inclusion
 Sustainable Development
 Project Planning
 Sociology and Economic Research

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