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: May 2, 2019

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ISAG- European Business School is a private higher education institution founded in October 1979, located in Oporto and officially recognized by Decree-Law no. 375/87 of 11 December.

ISAG is one of the most important Universities in the city of Porto, mainly related with sectors like, accounting, Economics, ICT, Finance, Management, Marketing, Tourism, Hospitality, Mathematics, Psychology and others.

For improving their strategy, ISAG is developing a Plan for 2017-2020, which focuses on a continuous improvement in the quality of teaching delivered, through the creation of a diversified education offer, oriented to the needs of the labor market and the employability of students.

By delivering this Plan abroad, ISAG will improve the internationalization of the institution, by   the increasing of scientific production, the consolidation of national and international strategic partnerships, the regular promotion of extracurricular activities and the extension of the policy of opening up to Europe, by the establishment of protocols institutional cooperation at international level.

In order to continue to respond effectively, to the challenges of the future, ISAG open in September 2017, the School-Hotel with a double objective:

Create a laboratory classes (hotel area) and accommodation for national and international students, teachers and guest speakers.

With this project, ISAG becoming the only institution of higher education in Oporto with accommodation in the own campus (20 double rooms and a master suite).

For these application, ISAG could offer their experience and expertise by different ways, namely in curriculum development at academic level (formal and non-formal learning, lifelong learning), in linking university with industry and university with the public in different educational formats (university meets industry / university meets public).

We also could give our expertise in projects (project development – project implementation – project reporting, evaluation and management) at local, national and international level, Direct connection to thousands of students, graduates, and teaching staff, Perfect research partner and stakeholder network of private and public partners in different fields of society.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Sustainable Development
 Smart Cities
 Education and Training
 Creative Europe
 Horizon Europe
 Partnership Management
 Financial Management

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