Martha Octavia Dwi Sisianty

: Oct 15, 2018

About Me

Martha Octavia is an International Consultant from Indonesia at Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovacão (SPI) with a C1 proficiency level of English professional. Martha Octavia performs tasks related to international markets and projects related to outreach and communication, innovation, strategic and business development (internationalization). She has experience in a range of European Commission projects under the 7th Framework Programme and the Horizon 2020 Programme, specifically in the fields of Social Innovation, International Cooperation, Science, and Entrepreneurship among others. In addition to managing workshops and exhibitions, she has organized various public lectures and seminars which aimed at promoting EU companies / industries internationalization to Southeast Asia. She has also been involved in writing project deliverables for several EC DGs. Martha Octavia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration () from University Technology MARA, Malaysia, and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing Management from University of Gadjah Mada, Indonesia and attended an exchange semester at Porto Business School, Portugal. Prior to SPI, Martha Octavia has had international experiences both in Malaysia and Indonesia working in a multinational company.

Fields of Expertise:

 Enterprise and Industry
 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 International Cooperation
 Education and Training
 Horizon Europe
 International Project Management
 Business Development

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