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: Jul 29, 2017

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  1. Area for improvement of the environment, safety and security, architecture and construction and protection of biodiversity and stimulation of sustainable development (Promotion of the environment, ecology, as well as protection and use of natural resources. Promotion and sustainability of spatial and urban planning, as well as sustainable architecture and environmental Promoting safety and security. Promoting sustainable economic aspects in the given area.)
  2. Field for fostering cultural diversity and encouraging social changes through creative techniques (Promotion of cultural heritage, fostering cultural diversity and tradition, creative approaches in encouraging mutual cooperation, development of the socio-economic potential of rural areas. Promotion of tourism (alternative, cultural, traditional, etc.) in rural and urban areas.)
  3. Area for education, social cohesion and promotion of human values (Strengthening mutual cooperation and understanding, promotion of ethical values, promotion of the rights of marginalized groups and their inclusion in society. Promotion of the rights of children, women and gender equality and other vulnerable groups. Promotion of non-formal education and promotion of formal education among young people, as well as promotion of civic, cultural and human education.)
  4. The area for development and promotion of audio-visual and other media productions (Promotion of freedom of expression, Development of independent production, Encouraging, promoting and protecting the cultural identity and the mother tongue of all communities, etc.)
  5. Area for improvement of economic policies (Quality analysis and implementation of sustainable economic policies and contribution to economic growth and development. Regulation and promotion of employment and labor market policies for all citizens, with special emphasis on marginalized groups. Education and promotion of financial literacy).

Keywords and matching areas:

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Gender Equality
 Creative Europe
 Cross-border cooperation

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