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: Apr 8, 2016

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Mobile Data Secured is a member of the Horizon 2020 Consortium for Innovation (H2C-I) and being merged with this group as a full Division.  H2C-I has capabilities in the areas of Agri/Agro-culture, Biofuels, Construction, Cyber Security, Energy and Sustainability,  Engineering, HealthCare and Assisted Living, ICT, Nano Technology, Public Information & Security, Social Inclusion, Transport,  and other globally important areas of interest.

Each member of H2C-I was specifically chosen for their potential to strengthen our global position in research, innovation or technology. The consortium provides world class business leaders, scientists, engineers, researchers, technologists and healthcare professionals who are committed to the development of breakthrough solutions to make your business succeed.

MDS healthcare products, services and research focus on creating a cross-continuum of Clinical Predictive Analytics, Conversational and Gamification based User Interfaces, Mobile Platform & Communications Security, Wearable technologies and their practical applications within Ambient Assisted Living and Personalized Health Care; Our technology portfolio includes secure mobile Point of Care products, Health Information System (HIS) gateways, Electronic Health Records, and Gamification. We have a significant global research and development portfolio of accelerators for actionable, data-driven insights from IoT devices such as medical devices, sensors and wearables;  

We are creating a new generation of Clinical Predictive Analytics Systems based on complex integration of heterogeneous data sources and subject-specific computer models which will enable the integrated data analysis.

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 Plant Health
 Rural Development
 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Health Care
 International Cooperation
 Innovation & Research
 Mobile technology

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