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: Jul 14, 2020

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We are an Intenational Consortium 

Our Activity: Civic society must mobilise education and training to move from Covid 19 disruption to recovery to meet the goals established by the President of the European Commission « A Union that strives for more » and promoted through the European Education Area. Using Five stages of ‘A Blueprint for Character Development for Evolution’ (ABCDE), citizens map their journey to making good decisions in a new social contract to amplify recovery. A is European Qualifications Framework (EQF) Level 1 to ask good questions to solve problems; What is social distancing? How can I optimise success in virtual-classrooms? How can I safely create a new job for myself? B is EQF Competence Level 2 and focusses to explore the best that has been thought and said from explicit Scientific/social knowledge and synthesise it with implicit personal knowledge/beliefs, to gain shared understandings of definitions of terms. C is EQF Competence Level 3 to develop robust methods for data-collection/handling to find solutions to personal and social, cultural, health, economic and political problems. D is EQF Competence Level 4 to develop theories of change from data as solutions to social and personal problems for recovery. E is EQF Competence Level 5 to develop moral and ethical principles in a new social contract. ABCDE is implemented with ‘Assessment for Personal and Social Learning’, A Massive Online Open-Access Course, and toolkit to gain the Empowering Young Societal Innovators for Equity and Renewal (EYSIER) Charter Mark to align commercial, humanitarian evolutionary and sustainable goals to propel recovery.

The Calls we are following: Representation of consumers interests in European standardisation  and 

The cooperation activity is with 33 nation states with reach and impact beyond these ;



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 Europe for Citizens

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