Georgina Cosma

: Apr 21, 2019

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About Me

I am a Professor of AI & Data Science at the Department of Computer Science at Loughborough University, a top 10 University in the United Kingdom.

My expertise resides in neural information retrieval and particularly cross- and multi- modal learning. My research area and group activities focus on AI, Natural Language processing; and neural information processing, modelling, and retrieval. Applications include: healthcare records, national archives (text and image), artwork, and other text and multimodal datasets . 

I am interested in joining EU projects as a partner to participate in and/or lead work packages and also to help the co-ordinator with the overall writing of the project.


Keywords and matching areas:

 Digital Economy
 IT Applications
 Innovation & Research
 Mathematics and Statistics
 Horizon Europe
 Artificial Intelligence

Ideas in Progress
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Favourite Calls

 Industrial Manufacturing
 Education and Training
 Horizon Europe
 Internet of Things (IoT)
 Artificial Intelligence
ExpectedOutcome:Projects are expected to contribute to one or more of the following outcomes:Enhanced applicability of large AI systems to new domains through the integration of innovative data modalities, such as sensor measurements (e.g. in robotics, IoT) or remote sensing (e.g. earth observation), as input.Improvement o...
Deadline Sep 18, 2024   - 89 days
 Education and Training
 Higher Education
 Cultural heritage
ExpectedOutcome:Projects should contribute to all of the following expected outcomes:The European Collaborative Cloud for Cultural Heritage (ECCCH) is widely used by European cultural heritage professionals and researchers[1] for creating, enriching and refining annotated bibliographie...
Deadline Jan 22, 2025   - 215 days