Clinical Predictive Analytics-JSTAAL-VC

Created on 16 May 2016
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We are looking for partners for upcoming H2020-SC1-HCO; Japanese; and South American calls.


Personal health applications fixed to clothes, beneath the skin, or imbedded ‘life-enabling’ medical devices can send constant streams of data to medical centres and thus enable real-time alerts or diagnoses; telemedicine and home automation solutions incorporated in JSTAAL-VC will offer higher quality healthcare and enable elderly people to stay at home longer and at reduced costs.

The resulting Care Management System will support medically based Service Providers, Municipal Health Services and a central care office with a real-time overview of those in care and at home through an alerts system, as well as alarm warnings in emergency situations. Computer assisted predictive analytics against patient centered EHR and the developed Clinacal Support Systems will interface with automated medical ; These responses are core components of this project within country specific regulatory and ethical boundaries, however using advances in science and technology to create better conditions of life for the ageing populations in Europe, Japan and other regions of the world.

The project includes formal pre-commercialization trials in Brazil, Japan and Europe that will lead towards approval of the technologies, apps and their subsequent Public sale ; 

The clinical Clinical Care Systems that will be developed incorporate Dynamic Program Generation and "Conversational" User Interfaces, as well as, telemedicine based control systems for Wearable and Imbedded medical devices.

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