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: Jul 9, 2021

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Timelinefy is a digital platform that works for cultural mediation and education through interactive timelines. It helps people and institutions to tell stories through an intuitive and innovative environment. It provides a better understanding and visualization of the curated content, the unravelling of unforeseen connections between historical events and more.

We believe in the visual presentation of time as a powerful tool for data analysis, capable of assisting learning and teaching processes. Timelinefy allows institutions such as museums, galleries, universities and cultural associations to showcase their archives, collections and programmes providing in-depth experience to a wide spectrum of audiences.

A wide range of information can be shaped into a timeline: exhibitions, catalogues, archive research/inventory, cultural mediation, educational and learning activities, educational content. The possibilities and results are ;

The tool features a number of different resources that range from text, image, video, audio to links and attached files. In order to meet the intended visual image and design, it also presents several customized possibilities.

Please don't  hesistate in contacting us.

Francisca Sampaio, Project Manager

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 Cultural heritage
 Digital Culture
 Creative Europe
 Cross-border cooperation

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