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: Sep 10, 2018

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We are an institution independent of governments, political parties, philosophical and religious conceptions, with the objective of promoting civic and democratic participation. For Citizens is Think Tank especially dedicated to the European Union and the European citizenship, based on the defence of Human Rights, equality, social integration, environment and the participative democracy.

Throughout cooperation with other institutions, we are implementing projects oriented to every citizen, to encourage their interest, engagement and participation in European politics.

We develop scientific surveys and researches on civic, political and social movements with the aim to objectively analyse, produce and disseminate knowledge and information. Our objective is to foster social and political transformations that allow a more democratic participation of the European citizens.

Through audio-visual and other media supports, we disseminate investigation, surveys, information, as well as scientific researches.

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Keywords and matching areas:

 Environmental protection
 Cultural heritage
 Cultural Management
 Culture and Development
 Digital Culture
 Europe for Citizens
 Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme
 Environmental Law

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