Dr. Salah Elmoselhy

: Nov 16, 2021

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A scientist, researcher, academician, inventor, scientific editor, and professional engineer who is exceptionally experienced and highly qualified in engineering sciences and physics in both academia and industry. His expertise includes: [1] Materials Physics, [2] Materials design, [3] Materials science and composites, [4] Optimization, [5] Manufacturing engineering, [6] Energy engineering, [7] Environmental engineering, [8] Mechanics of materials, [9] Applied physics, [10] Industrial engineering & project management. An academician at the rank of Assistant Professor with 4 years of academic and administrative experience and curricula development experience in cognitive, affective & psychomotor domains. He has 14 years of academic research experience with the research quality standard h-index 7 and with research publications receiving about 270 total citations as yet. A holder of PhD in energy & environmental engineering, Post-doctoral research fellowship in Energy Engineering, MBA in international manufacturing systems (Grade: Very Good), Postgraduate Diploma in design (The 1st in class in Design), and MS in design & materials engineering (Grade: Very Good). He is currently a PhD student in physics. The discoverer of the attainability of 0 K in thermal sciences.  The innovator/inventor of the Hybrid organic-inorganic crystalline-amorphous nano-I-beam lattice; Enthalpy scale based on quantum mechanics for evaluating enthalpy; Modified model of the Stanitz's slip factor in Fluid mechanics providing better accuracy; Hybrid Micro-composite E-springs for suspension systems; Directional Load Ratio theory in laminated composite structures; Hybrid Lean-Agile Manufacturing System;  Hybrid Lean-Agile Design System; Sustainable no-cost water desalination, hydrogen production and electricity production; Hybrid pressurized nuclear reactor, electricity production and hydrogen production. An achiever having authored 40+ refereed publications including 20 research papers in ISI-indexed journals such as Nature journals, 4 SCOPUS-indexed journal papers, 4 books with world-class publishers, 7 international conference papers, and 10+ papers in progress.  He has 5 patented inventions and 40+ inventions in progress. His research appears in ISI-indexed journals such as "SAE Transactions: International Journal of Commercial Vehicles", "SAE Transactions: International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing", “International Journal of Hydrogen Energy”, and “Journal of Mechanical Science & Technology”. In addition, he has 10 years of industrial experience in modeling, integrated & automated systems in the manufacturing sector. He is a Member of the Advisory Board of the SAE MobilityRxiv, Associate Editor of "SAE Transactions: International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing", Member of the Boards of “Smart Science”, "Energies", “Micromachines”, and “Frontiers in Materials”. He is a Certified Project Manager, Microsoft Certified Professional, Member of the SAE, European Physical Society & American Physical Society, and Associate Member of the IMechE.

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