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: Oct 11, 2022

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Knowledgebiz (KBZ) is an IT technology provider that develops products and services in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, Big Data Analytics, systems interoperability and web and mobile applications, for different sectors, namely industry. Innovation is a core of KBZ mission, being the advanced products the result of technologies developed inhouse or with our R&D partners, aimed to be successfully transferred to our clients, guarantying the higher quality and satisfaction levels. KBZ success is enhanced by the participation in European projects for within the scope of digital innovation, with several European
partners from different sectors and countries, nurturing a rich and diverse ecosystem (e.g. i4Q; DHI4CPS, SYNERGY, XMANAI, ICU4Covid; Qualichain, SYNERGY, among others). The KBZ partners network include several Universities and R&D Centres (e.g. UNINOVA, Portugal, Univ Politecnica de Valencia, Spain, and CERTH, Greece), industry and government bodies.

Knowledgebiz team has advanced expertise in Science, Technology and Engineering, with solid academic background and research skills. This is backed up with large experience in Management, Innovation, Technology Transfer, Valorisation and Exploitation, which expertise is a determining factor in research and development (R&D), and it is critical to design and pilot innovative solutions and products.

We are looking for Calls for research, development and innovation activities and for small profs of concept or and demonstrator activities that will allow us to develop new products and services and to be able to test and validated them, aiming to consolidate KBZ market and to evaluate our expansion to new sectors.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Enterprise and Industry
 Technology Transfer
 Low-Carbon Economy
 Intelligent Energy
 Smart Cities
 Digital Economy
 Digital Culture
 Digital Society

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