Centro conservazione restauro la venaria reale

: Jul 13, 2020

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About Me

We are:

 Advanced training and research Centre for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage
 Located near Torino, Piemonte, North-West Italy
 No-profit Foundation established in 2005 as part of the broader restoration works on the
Venaria Reale Palace, architectural and landscape masterpiece, World Heritage Site by
 Founded by public and private institutions, acting as private company
 Covering the complete supply chain of Conservation: from training to monitoring,
prevention, maintenance, restoration, management.


We offer:

Conservation works

•Preventive conservation and scheduled
maintenance of collections of historical
residences and museum houses open to the public
• Capacity building in cultural heritage
conservation and conservation science
with its Advanced Training School
Master’s Degree Course organized with
the University of Turin
• Tailor
-made training and short courses,
masterclasses and training of trainers,
integrated specific pathways with the aim of increasing skills and knowledge on
management, diagnosis, conservation
and restoration

• Applied diagnostic and research on works
and artifacts
• Non-invasive and invasive investigations on
• Biological material study and diagnosis of the
• 3D laser scanning and photogrammetric
• RTI (reflectance transformation imaging)h
• High definition multispectral imaging
• Digital radiography and Computer
Thomography scans on large artefacts
• Environmental monitoring interventions.

Projects in progress:

• Jerusalem: in-depth study of the current state and drafting of the executive

project for the restoration of the foundations of the Edicola and the floor of the

Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher. Agreement with Custody of the Holy Land,

University “La Sapienza” of Rome.

• On-site projects in Italy: planning and restoration of complex and multi-material

artefacts of UNESCO Royal Residences of the House of Savoy House in Piemonte

• EU interreg cooperation project Italy Switzerland Main10Ance: it aims to develop working methods and tools that can guide management and control authorities and professionals when developing long-term scheduled conservation plans for cultural heritage based on the principles of sustainability, and to optimise the resources available to them. The project considers the Sacri Monti as emblematic testimony of the centuries-old flow of artists and technique and material-sharing on both sides of the Alps.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Education and Training
 Youth Workers
 Cultural heritage
 Creative Europe

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