Carlos Henriques

: Apr 8, 2016

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Associated Professor at Chemical Engineering Department, Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), University of Lisbon.

  1. Author and co-author of eight book-chapters; author and co-author of more than 55 papers in international peer-reviewed scientific journals; author and co-author of over 40 publications in scientific conference proceedings;
  2. Participation in 18 research projects (coordinator/team member), of which two European Projects, seven national PT/FCT funded, 3 PT industry co-funded projects, 3 CRUP/CPU and 1 international project in collaboration with companies and foreign laboratories; coordinator of Project at C5Lab (Cement Industry Colaborative Lab) 
  3. Direction and co-direction of eight PhD theses in the fields of NOx abatement; hydrotreating and hydrocracking of heavy oil fractions; microwave field induced heterogeneous catalysis; CO2 methanation with metal containing zeolite catalysts;
  4. Co-author of two patents.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Renewable Energy
 Innovation & Research
 Nanotechnology and Nanosciences
 Clean Transport
 Horizon Europe
 Industrial Engineering

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