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: Apr 12, 2016

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2 Wheels of Resistance is a project research created in 2014 by a journalist-historian and a musician-teacher, both bycicle lovers. Its aims are: to slowly explore Italy through its culture, conflicts and struggle for a change; and to share the acquired knowledge with music performance and reporting. Bycicle means: choosing sustainable mobility, endorsing public, intermodal passenger transport and light rail versus the emphasis given on private transport and high speed rail; promoting Local Economic Development; reconnecting the multi-faceted memories of a fragmented territory through oral history and musical research; looking over the dissidence dynamics taking place among the new generations, through the rediscovery of agriculture, access to land, opposition to useless and imposed Mega-Projects and to the exploitation of environmental resources.

Bycicle is politics, grassroots activism, awareness of a people's history and culture towards a sustainable future for all.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Rural Development
 Sustainable Tourism
 Sustainable Transport
 Cultural heritage
 Performing Arts
 Article Writing

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