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: Aug 6, 2019

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The Municipality of Tropojë crowns the top of Albania, with Montenegro to the north and Kosovo to the east. Known as the Albanian Alps, it is home to snow-capped summits, forested vales, glacial springs, pristine rivers, and towering waterfalls of Valbona Valley National Park. Thanks to remoteness, the Municipality remains one of the least trammeled and most picturesque destinations in Europe for tourists, hikers, and wildlife famous Valbonë River is one of the cleanest rivers in the world.

Its borders expanded recently. By act of Parliament, the former territories of Bajram Curri, Bujan, Bytyc, Fierze, Lekbibaj, Llugaj, Margegaj and Tropojë e Vjetër merged into the Municipality of Tropojë in 2015. Headquarters are in the town of Bajram Curri.

Country:          Albania

Population:    20,517                

Address:         Bashkia Tropojë
                         “Azem Hajdari” Square
                         8701 Bajram Curri,


Contact:         0035521 322 373 



The Municipality of Tropojë fosters an inclusive, harmonious, thriving, and sustainable lifestyle for current residents, other Albanians, and future generations to enjoy.


The Municipality of Tropojë strives to be authentic, accessible, and accountable to local residents and all Albanians. The following priorities inform our work:

  • Sound Social Welfare Policies.
  • Sustainable Development and Promotion in Tourism.
  • Environmental Sustainability and Development.
  • Agricultural Development.
  • Economic Development.

Sound Social Welfare Policies

The Municipality of Tropojë seeks to provide high quality social welfare services that protect and enhance the dignity, safety, and welfare of vulnerable individuals, families, and communities. Our objectives include:

  • Implementation of the National Youth Action Plan and creation of a youth center.
  • Support for and protection of victims of Domestic Violence.
  • Social protection of the Roma and Egyptian communities.
  • Creation of a facility to support People with Disabilities.

Sustainable Development and Promotion in Tourism

The beauty of the Valbona Valley creates a tremendous economic opportunity for Tropojë. Almost every household offers something of potential interest to foreign and domestic tourists, whether it be homestay accommodation or guide small village of Çerem located about 17 Km NE of Valbona provides visitors gateway to the transnational “Peaks of the Balkans”, a spectacularly beautiful place with jagged limestone peaks, rolling green pastures, high passes and wonderfully hospitable mountain strategic geographic position of Boshi Pass near Curraj i Epërm valley connects Thethi, Koman’s Lake and other parts of Tropojë.  Boshi’s Cave is located right above Curraj i Epërm village where visitors can explore many cave systems and underground capitalize on these opportunities, the municipality promotes:

  • Creation of a Tourism Center to promote services offered by the local community.
  • Creation of a single source website to connect tourists with the products and services of residents, including advertising of adventure itineraries and hospitality services.
  • Promotion of local cultural and historical interests.
  • Renovation and promotion of the Bajram Curri Museum.
  • Creation of new hiking trails and preservation, protection, and maintenance of existing ones.
  • Creation of a Tourism Action Plan

Environmental Sustainability and Development

Balancing economic growth with protection of the natural beauty that is the region’s greatest asset is a major challenge. To ensure needed infrastructure does not damage habitat, our policies promote:

  • Prevention of illegal logging.
  • Promotion of sustainable mining that creates a small and reversible environmental footprint.
  • Creation of a high-efficiency waste management system.
  • Strict enforcement of laws protecting natural resources.

Sustainable Agricultural Development

Agriculture is a major factor in Tropojë’s private and business life. Almost 60% of residents depend on raising livestock and cultivating vegetables. In addition, we produce some of the most profitable organic products in Albania, such as branded chestnuts, honey, blueberries, mushrooms, apples, plums, and medicinal and culinary herbs. To preserve and grow this market, we will endeavor to:

  • Improve the technology and facilities of agricultural production with assistance from local agricultural associations, donors, and governmental sources.
  • Develop and promote agritourism.

Economic Development

Beyond agriculture and tourism, other sectors and sub-sectors of the local economy need to be strengthened. Accordingly, we will strive to:

  • Identify ways to access new markets for local consumption and export.
  • Improve marketing of all local products.
  • Develop secondary markets that support our tourism and agriculture markets, including development of transport services, guest’s accommodation, restaurants, guide services, and local artisanal food and handicrafts.

The Municipality of Tropojë is eager and ready to expand its network of collaborations inside and outside Albania in order to provide services to its residents, to strengthen Albania, and to foster European Union integration.

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 Social and Welfare

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