: Feb 19, 2021

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CSO MONITOR has been founded in March 2011, as a non-governmental non-profit association of citizens, which mission include the indication of current social problems and raising awareness of citizens about the same, as well as proposing concrete recommendations and directing social actions towards their resolution. Through its work, MONITOR strives to point out the current problems of the society from the field of human rights, security, culture, information and ecology by conducting research, monitoring and transparent presentation of the state of socio-economic and socio-political circumstances, relationships and processes, as well as by education of citizens raise awareness of the same, all in order to build the capacity of society to solve them. In previous years MONITOR realize several projects which dealing with issues of discrimination, hate speech, hate crimes, extremism, nationalism, radicalism and human security.

CSO MONITOR operates in different parts of Serbia, through projects and activities. Most activities of Monitor for now are located in South-west part of Serbia. The focus of MONITOR is promoting social, environmentally sustainable, multicultural, multinational and multiconfessional interaction in society. Its main office is located in Novi Pazar. MONITOR is committed to gender equality within the organization and its staff is represented by 1 permanent employees and 7 temporary staff, who work in different fields and projects.

CSO MONITOR in period of last three years realized:

a) from September until December 2017 project entitled: “Increasing youth awareness and capacity to respond to negative influences and messages based on extremist ideologies” (funded by The Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland);

b) From September until December 2018 project entitled: “Capacity building of youth in fighting against hate speech in electronic media and on social networks in Southwestern Serbia” (funded by Embassy in Serbia);

c) from October until March 2018/2019 project entitled: “Human security monitor in South-West Serbia” (funded by The Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland);

d) From September until December 2019  project entitled: “Increasing resilience among youths on violent extremism and ethno-nationalist extremism in Southwestern Serbia” (funded by International Republican Institute – IRI),

e) From September 2019 until June 2020 project entitled: “Hate crimes moot court for South Western Serbia young legal professionals” (funded by Embassy in Serbia),

f) From October 2019 until december 2019 project entitled: "Preparation for taking the bar exam for young lawyers in southwestern Serbia", (funded by OSCE Mission to Serbia, with the financial support of the Government of Switzerland),

g) From Jun 2020 until September 2020 project entitled: “Combating discirmination, online hate speech and toxic narratives in multicultural regions of Serbia“ (funded by European union and Council of Europe),

j) From July 2020 until September 2020 project entitled: “Trust building and conflict management at multicultural communities” (funded by International Republican Institute – IRI).

k) From October 2020 until December 2020 project entitled: "Production of legal education tutorial videos” (funded by OSCE Mission to Serbia).

For all of this project is common that dealing directly of indirectly with issues of discrimination, hate speech or other toxic narratives, also all these project were realized in the multinational and multi religious environment of South-Western Serbia. Each of aforementioned project included conducting of research. At first project we surveyed more than 360 young people. Within the second project we surveyed more than 450 young people. Within the third project we surveyed more than 450 persons in three different municipalities (Novi Pazar, Kraljevo, Tutin and Raška). Within the fourth project we surveyed more than 380 young people. Within the sixth project we surveyed more than 300, and within the seventh project  we surveyed more than 350 young people (South Serbia, South Western Serbia and North Serbia). Also within project “Production of legal education tutorial videos” (from October until December of 2020 – supported by OSCE Mission to Serbia) we are developed methodology of production of video ; We want to share our experience from previous projects, and also to provide innovative methods of encourage fight discrimination/hate speech and  enhancing intercultural dialog and trust building in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic situation.

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 Legal Writing
 Human Rights

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