Associação de Melhoramentos e Bem Estar Social de Pias

: Nov 18, 2019

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We have a big institution where works above 60 people, 10 of them are volunteers. We promote different classes for over 50 years and these classes are given by our volunteers. Our most successful classes are foreigner languages, so our motivation is about to have foreign people that can share with the older people their language, culture, traditions, etc. so that the older people can do the same to the volunteer. This kind of change can be also done with the kids that we have in the shelter.

The aims of our institution beyond other activities are to develop cultural, educative and formative activities next to young and older adults; To promote intellectual, sportive and cultural activities, as also social and communitarian integration; To promote knowledge and cultural, scientific and technical formation in diverse areas of knowing and social relationships; To carry through courses, seminaries and other ways of study and work, as well as editing periodic and not-periodic publications; To stimulate the participation and organization of older adults in cultural and leisure activities; To spread local history, science, traditions, arts and other cultural situations between older adults; To be a center of information and spread of services, rights and duties of young’s and adults; To develop interpersonal and intergenerational relations;

We have domiciliary support for adults, a day center for seniors, a sociability center for seniors, a senior university, a temporary shelter for neglected and abused kids from 0 -25 years old, a free time activities center for kids, Professional training for young and adult people and we make vacations in Algarve for kids and old people with less resources. So, those are the most relevant activities in the Association.

It is in the temporary shelter for neglected and abused kids and young’s, that the work is focused on youth, we usually deal with very delicate situations that we have to mediate to achieve our goals and to make a good job. It isn’t easy work, it is never easy to deal with young people weakened by pain, that we believe that have the same opportunities that “normal Young’s” do.

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