Artur Santos

: Dec 28, 2020

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About Me

I'm a Researcher from the Centre of Interdisciplinary Studies of the century XX from the University of Coimbra.

 Former vice-president of Vila Nova de Poiares municipality - responsalbe for the areas of sport, youth, associativism, education, health, social action, environment, forest and entrepreneurship.

Collaborator with several local NGO's and Sport Clubs for national and international funding programs.

PhD in Sport Sciences

Post-graduation in Autarchy Financial Management

Post-graduation on Positive Parenthood - Nordic Model

We have as promotor a Project in Erasmus Sport -Small partnerships (2021-2022), other project of Europe Solidarity Corps (the 2021-2022), EEA grants (fight against climate changes -2021-2022). 

We have other projects financed by national programs (modernization of vehicles, construction of industrial area, rehabilitation of health center, school, and municipal market).

We are following calls Europe for Citizens, Erasmus, Green Deal, Interreg,EEA Among others.

I'm highly responsive, collaborative and responsable. My network is diverse, not only local but also at international level. Since in Poiares we develop twinning with Douchy-les-Mines (France), Miélec (Poland), Maio (Cape Verde), Lichinga (Moçambique). At national level we make part of the National Association of Municipalities of National Road 2, Intermunicipal Network for development and Cooperation, National Association of Villages and Cities of Ceramics, among others.

Moreover due to my researcher experience I had develop several national and international contacts. The University of Coimbra has very interest to participate in diverse calls and projects, mainly those that allow research and action.


Keywords and matching areas:

 Education and Training
 Youth Exchanges
 Lifelong Learning
 Academic Writing
 EEA and Norway Grants

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