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: Oct 25, 2020

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Indmatech established in 2018

We are focusing on Industry services, regarding Materials Supply, Quality, Research and Development issues ,Environmental Processes and Product developments. We are highly appreciated for our commitment to high quality services. The extensive experience of our Members in both manufacturing and purchasing enables us to generate effective and efficient solutions for our customers. As a result, Indmatech has an excellent reputation in the marketplace as a partner for our customers, and strategic partners.


Investing in sustainability and innovation

At Indmatech , we value close relationships with our customers . We consider those relationships to be competitive advantage, providing us with a unique understanding of the use and future needs of our services.

Nowadays, we are facing an increasing demand for sustainable raw materials and products. We consider it to be our challenge to meet this demand and to find innovative solutions. This is reflected in the long-term partnerships with major companies.


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 Enterprise and Industry
 Innovation & Research

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